Mira HQ - Among Us Map

Mira HQ Among Us Map

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Made by: Vici_finis

Map Details

Mira HQ is the second map in Among Us, it was released August 8, 2019. Mira HQ is smaller than The Skeld and Polus and also the only map without any security cameras.

However it contains the unique Doorlog and the vents in this map are all connected, which allows Imposters to travel anywhere in the map, unlike the two other maps.

You can find information about all tasks in Mira HQ here.

Key Features


Mira HQ Admin Room

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Using the console in the Admin room will give you overview of all the players locations. Keep in mind that it only shows players icons that are located in rooms and not hallways.

Dead bodies will still appear as a player icon in the Admin console. If you see multiple players in a room and then all but one leaves, it's a good idea to go check that room for a dead body.


Mira HQ Doorlog

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As mentioned previously, the Doorlog is a unique feature only available in Mira HQ. The doorlogs can be found in the communications room of the map.

This mechanic allows the tracking of the players based on 3 sensors located in the three-way junction just north of the Cafeteria, everytime a player walks through a sensor, they will be registered in the doorlog.

MIRA HQ - All Rooms