Polus - Among Us Map

Polus Among Us Map

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Made by: Vici_finis

Map Details

Polus is the third map in Among Us, it was released November 12, 2019. Polus is larger than both The Skeld and Mira HQ. Due to the it's large size, it has some key features that can be used by crewmates.

Similar to The Skeld it has both Security Cameras and Admin Console, and on top of that it has the unique "Vitals" feature which shows if players are still alive.

You can find information about all tasks in Polus here.

Key Features


Polus Admin Room

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Using the console in the Admin room will give you overview of all the players locations. Keep in mind that it only shows players icons that are located in rooms and not hallways.

Dead bodies will still appear as a player icon in the Admin console. If you see multiple players in a room and then all but one leaves, it's a good idea to go check that room for a dead body.

Security Camera

Polus Security Cameras

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Similar to the security cameras in The Skeld, you can use cameras to watch players in Polus through 4 different cameras.

However unlike the security system in The Skeld, in Polus the monitor is not split screen which means you will have to navigate with the arrows to alternate between seperate screens/cameras.


Polus Vitals

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As mentioned previously, the Vitals is a unique feature only available in Polus. The Vitals can be found in the room next to the office.

This mechanic shows all the players's vital signs to see who is alive or dead. The grey color indicates that a player was already dead before the current round started. The green color means that the player is still Alive. The red color means that a crewmate was killed this round and their body has still not been found. If you see the status DEAD and red color on a player, it would be smart to call an emergency meeting.

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