The Skeld - Among Us Map

The Skeld Among Us Map

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Made by: SuperInkyGD

Map Details

The Skeld is primary map in Among Us, it was the first to be released when the game launched. The other two maps MIRA HQ and Polus was released later on.

The Skeld is considered to be the easiest map of the three if you are in a lobby with Visual Tasks settings enabled. Since this map has the most amount of visual task it can narrow down the players that might be Imposters. The skeld contains: Submit Scan, Empty Garbage, Empty Chute, Prime Shields and Clear Asteroids which all are visual tasks that Imposters can't fake doing.

You can find information about all tasks in The Skeld here.

Key Features


The Skeld Admin Room

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Using the console in the Admin room will give you overview of all the players locations. Keep in mind that it only shows players icons that are located in rooms and not hallways.

Dead bodies will still appear as a player icon in the Admin console. If you see multiple players in a room and then all but one leaves, it's a good idea to go check that room for a dead body.

Security Camera

The Skeld Security Cameras

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In the security room of The Skeld, there is a computer you can use to access security cameras and monitor the movement and action of players. There are 4 different cameras in this map, looking at the hallways of the map.

When the cameras are in use by someone, all the security cameras will flash a red light. Impostors need to keep this in mind, to avoid being seen killing crewmates on camera.

The Skeld - All Rooms